The After School Tuition Club was set up in 2011 to create an environment in which the children attending school could receive additional education support or simply complete their homework. 

In Tanzania the school day starts early and usually finishes by 2pm. Students would normally return home where they are expected to complete their household responsibilities for the rest of the day. At night if it is dark they do not have electricity in their homes and are unable to complete their school work. 

FISCH kids who are back in education are encouraged to visit the FISCH Drop in Centre twice a week after school. They are provided with a meal, and extra tuition in subjects such as English and Science. 

For many of the FISCH kids this is an invaluable opportunity to make up for lost time out of education, and some have grabbed hold of this with two hands, achieving top marks in their class. Others have used this as a springboard for achieving higher results as they target a University place.

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