In 2015 the FISCH team, led by Elimina, began teaching young girls the skill of sewing. Beginning with her own machine, Elimina reached out to those girls for whom the standard route of government education was not well suited to their situation. For example, some girls were single mothers, and could not take their babies to school. 

The number of girls quickly grew, and with the help of kind donations from supporters FISCH was able to purchase new sewing machines and materials for the club. 

The club has been a great success, and whilst providing these girls with a new skill they can one day earn a living from, the club has also been able to benefit other areas of the project by making school uniforms for many of the other FISCH children. 

In 2017, two of the girls called Neema and Eva completed their course with the sewing club and took the next step into self-sufficiency by starting their own Sewing business. With the help of specific donations from supporters, FISCH was able to purchase each of them their own sewing machine, and set them up in a new premises from which to launch their business. 

In time, as their business grows and they become self-sufficient, it is hoped that they will pay their own rental expenses and buy the machines from FISCH, and that we will be able to support other girls to start their own businesses as they seek to gain a better future for themselves. 


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