One of the biggest ways we can make a sustainable difference to a child’s life is by supporting them to gain an education.  


How does FISCH help children into education?


Once a child has been registered with FISCH and their situation stabilised, we work with the child to encourage them to return to school. In Tanzania recent changes to legislation mean that government education is free from school fees, however there are hidden barriers for many children loving on the poverty line, such as the cost of uniforms, exercise book and stationary. If resources permit we provide these items for children to equip them for school. 

A member of the FISCH team will usually visit the school to discuss or negotiate the return of a child, and regularly follow up on their progress. 


After school tuition

For a number of children, returning to education is a significant challenge and they find they have fallen far behind their peer group. To help them adjust and catch up on lost time, FISCH provides a number of after school tuition classes, free of charge to any FISCH child who wishes to attend 


Private education


The option to return to government school is not available for all children if they have been out of education for too long. For these children the only options are costly private schools, or vocation training. 

Where a child has shown significant potential and the funds are available, FISCH supports children into private education, and we have had a number of children successful follow this pathway.


Vocational training


For other children the standard schooling route is no longer the best option, and their situation is more suited to vocational training. 

FISCH has supported a number of children in vocational training such as carpentry, driving, and sewing.  


A number of children are now reaching the age where they begin to think about higher education. Some have done so well at school, that university is a realistic ambition. The cost of University and higher education is therefore becoming a greater challenge for FISCH every year. If you feel able to support us specifically with this need, please do so via the following donate button: 

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