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FISCH was born out of a partnership between a Tanzanian Pastor and his wife, together with an English couple, responding to a common desire to help the street children living in Iringa and give them a hope for a better future. 

When Rich and Lissie returned to the UK, they continued the work they began, by raising awareness about FISCH in Tanzania, and continuing to oversee FISCH in partnership with the team in Iringa. In the beginning this was achieved under the umbrella of a bigger UK charity called ‘The Grassroots Trust’. 

As FISCH grew both in Tanzania and in the UK, the need became greater for FISCH to become an independent UK Charity, and this was achieved in 2014.

Who are we

FISCH is a registered charity  (Charity No. 1159350). The Trustees and UK FISCH team all give their time 100% voluntarily to this cause and receive no remuneration.

What we do

FISCH UK continues to work closely with the FISCH Trust in Tanzania to strive to achieve our common aims to meet the needs of vulnerable children. As part of our role we strive to:

  • Raise awareness about the needs of vulnerable children in Iringa
  • Publicise the work of FISCH in Tanzania
  • Financially support the work of FISCH in Tanzania
  • Ensure tight oversight of how money raised through FISCH in the UK is spent by FISCH Trust in Tanzania

Our charity’s purposes are:

  • To relieve poverty 
  • To preserve and protect good health
  • To advance education
  • To advance in life and relieve needs of young people through:-

The aims of our charity are to reduce the levels of poverty among young people, particularly, but not limited to, children in Tanzania, through the provision of physical, educational and social care.

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