The short-term accommodation programme was set up in 2011. Its aim is to provide a place where street children can be accommodated temporarily while a more long-term solution is found. At the Drop in Centre 2 rooms have been converted into bedrooms. A married couple live at the Drop in Centre in their own rooms and act as the centre’s mum and dad. This also means that the drop in centre can operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet the need of any child at any time. 

We use the short-term accommodation in 2 main ways. Firstly if a new child is found on the street they can be taken to the Drop in Centre straight away before getting caught up in street life. This gives us time to find out their story and check it, to trace family and to make a plan with them for the next few months. From the Drop in Centre they can then be quickly re-housed with a temporary foster family or their own relatives if suitable while a longer term plan is made for their education and home environment.

Secondly we use the short term accommodation for any child who has been living on the street but now wants to make a change to live with family again and return to school. In this instance we use the short term accommodation to help them become used to living in a family unit again. The live in mum and dad are vital here as they act as temporary parents to help the child relearn how to be a part of a family. 

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