People often ask us what causes children to live on the street in Iringa.  The answer is complex and unique to each individual's circumstances. However, one of the most common and heartbreaking reasons is due to a severe lack of food.   

FISCH always tries to reunite children with their relatives where possible, however in a country where many are orphaned due to HIV and malaria, it is often a grandparent or distant relative who is left to raise and provide.


One of the ways in which FISCH tries to help is to provide children with food parcels so that they can live with a relative and remove the need for them to turn to the street.   

With this basic need provided the child is then able to turn their attention to education and gaining skills that will one day enable them to provide for themselves.

With more and more children being identified by FISCH as needing food parcel support, we are launching a food parcel sponsorship appeal.


A monthly commitment of just £19.50 will enable us to provide a food parcel which includes 25kg maize flour, 5kg beans, 2kg sugar and 2lt of oil.  

Our aim will be to match donors to an individual child and, if wanted, provide bi-annual updates including a picture and feedback on how the child is progressing.

If you think you can help then please sign up for a monthly donation. Alternatively if you have any questions or would like more information please contact the FISCH food parcel sponsorship coordinators Roy or Sarah Maguire

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