If you would like to give specifically towards the needs arising from C19 please do so via the following link.

We want to keep you up to date with how C19 is impacting Tanzania, and how we are responding to this new challenge to continue serving the most vulnerable children in Iringa.

Summary of current impact in Tanzania:

• Most Covid 19 cases have so far been reported within tourist areas and major hubs such as Dar es Salam, Zanzibar & Arusha, however the Virus is beginning to spread across the country. 

• Airports and international travel have been mainly shut down

• All schools, universities and vocational training centres are closed

• All gatherings greater than 10 people must have a permit

How FISCH Tanzania is adapting in response to this:

In summary we will continue to provide food, shelter and support to these vulnerable children. 

Breakfast club, short term accommodation, Sunday Church, food parcels, sewing training, sewing business support and food distribution will continue with the following adaptations

• We are using every opportunity to promote and educate FISCH registered children and carers on the importance of hand hygiene and social distancing.

• We have purchased a new water tank to increase provision of clean water, soap and sanitiser. 

• We have purchased additional buckets with taps to help with hand washing so everyone who comes to the Drop in Centre can wash hands on arrival.

• Purchase of paracetamol supplies and lockable storage for additional medical supplies has been ramped up.

• Food on a Saturday will be provided through specific distribution points within the town rather than centrally at the Drop in Centre

• Lunchboxes - The team will prepare food at breakfast clubs and Sunday Church in lunch boxes, so that these can be collected and taken away to prevent groups forming at the Drop in Centre.

• Food Parcels - Distribution will be staggered, and additional packaging will be purchased to reduce risk of contamination and time spent by food parcel beneficiaries at the drop in centre.

• FISCH Utd football will continue but restricted to training only 

For our kids that are in school, university or vocational training, they have all returned home and will continue with their course once the government restrictions have been lifted. 

How you can help:

• Pray for that the virus does not take a hold in Tanzania

• Contribute towards the cost of water dispensers, lunch boxes, soap, sanitizer and medical supplies & storage.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this in more detail, please feel free to talk to your local FISCH contact, or contact us at


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