The FISCH youth club was started in 2009. It is attended by young people who were once street children but are now settled into school and a family home environment. Unlike in the UK, youth clubs are relatively unheard of in Tanzania. The FISCH youth club provides a safe environment for the young people of FISCH to meet up and socialise with each other. It also gives the team in Iringa another point of contact with the young people who otherwise have little need to visit the Drop in Centre, as their lives are now more stable. 

The FISCH youth club meets once a month at the Drop in Centre on a Saturday afternoon. The young people arrive in time for lunch, which they eat together with the Saturday Feeding Project Children. This provides a great opportunity for the younger children to interact with the older children whom they tend to look up to. 

The youth club spend a couple of hours together after lunch playing games, singing, having discussions about various topics and studying a bible story. The FISCH youth club tends to have up to 40 children attending which is an amazing testimony to just how many children are now settled into a new life. 


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